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Guess who just had his 6 month checkup!  We love his pediatrician Dr. Ramanan because she is easy going, answers all our questions, and her West Hartford CT office is convenient for us.  She even puts up with my stupid jokes and need to babble on about unrelated topics!  I have not been to his pediatrician’s office since his first appointment because my wife has been taking the day off to bring him so that I could get some rare guaranteed sleep time.  I guess I feel a little guilt but as a stay at home dad I have learned to treasure the kind of sleep that you get when you know you aren’t going to be woken up 20 minutes after your head hits the pillow.  I also have not been in a while because his checkups generally include two of my least favorite things: needles, and his scared/hurt cry.  He got 4 shots today and he did well considering the nurse stuck him again, and again, and again, oh and one more time.  Each time his cryingpu got worse, and each time I knew it was because of those needles and the nurse wielding them.  If someone I just met was hurting my son under any other circumstances they would soon wish they had never touched him.  Under these circumstances all I could do was watch, listen, and do what little I could to soothe our son as he wailed away.  Obviously the picture above was not taken immediately after his appointment.  When it was all over my wife was able to quickly use the magical power of the boob to settle him down.  I am sometimes jealous of her booby powers but then I think about pumping and soreness and my jealousy subsides.  I am not looking forward to going back in 4 weeks for his flu shot booster, but I guess I will just have to do my best to help him deal with the pain dealt him by the nurse brandishing needles.  Anyone else have a pediatrician visit story?


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