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A few days ago I went on a most excellent walk at Westfarms Mall in West Hartford CT with another stay at home dad.  The weather had been so crummy that this seemed to be the best option for us to get out and about.  I find our weekly get togethers very helpful for my general well-being.  I love taking care of my son, but I also miss adult conversation during the day.  His daughter is a month and a half older than O so it’s also great to talk to him about what will come next for my little man and hear how he had handled it.  We sat down almost immediately and fed the kids, followed by watching them stare and make funny noises at each other.  We walked and talked quite a bit, got pretzels and checked out the random kiosks selling transformers bling.


This bling is key for the sharp dressing autobot or decepticon.  I was also reminded that I like our stroller, but a Boba carrier would work better for most outings.  I’ll have to get on that as soon as I can come up with the money!  Our weekly get togethers are great, but I would love add some more stay at home dads to our group so leave a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter and lets set it up!



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Christmas Shopping

Recently I did some Christmas shopping in Milford with two good female friends.  It was my first major trip out with my son and boy was I glad for the company.  I tend to either way over prepare, or way under prepare and this day I thought I had gone overboard.  It turns out that all the toys, milk, blankets, bags and the stroller all got used. We made it through the whole day with minimal fussing and even got a sit down meal in!  I felt so accomplished at the end of the day.

It helped a lot having an experienced mother along, although I did get annoyed every time random people walked over and immediately started asking my friend questions about my son instead of me.  So three things I learned from this trip. First, always pack more than you think you might need when going out in public. Second, shopping with friends makes caring for an infant much easier. Third, people will always assume you are not the primary caregiver if there is a woman with you.

The diaper count begins today, 6 diapers so far!

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